September 5, 2006

I used to consider myself a reasonably intelligent person.

But the fact that it was not blindingly obvious to me years ago that this is the appropriate reaction to life has made me reconsider my opinion.

(Thanks to him for the link.)

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6 Responses to I used to consider myself a reasonably intelligent person

  1. John says:

    Is this a recently discovered Samuel Beckett piece?

  2. Todd says:

    I totally need to learn how to Crochet! Cocoon here I come!!

  3. funchilde says:

    yo, that is the funniest *ish I have seen this week. It reconfirms my motto: people are my greatest joy and my greatest heartbreak. brilliant.

  4. Chris says:

    you mean it’s not you inside there?

  5. David says:

    Are you sure red is your color?

  6. birdfarm says:

    I think that thing would be more apt as a response to life if it were made of chain mail. Or maybe some kind of high-grade bulletproof insulation.

    Just my two cents. It is cute tho. And actually, it is an accurate representation of what I’m doing with my life as we speak… which explains the queasy feeling I get from watching it.


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