September 20, 2006

Last night E.S. and I were talking about a friend of his and her husband, who is going through a rough patch. E.S. said he was going to go over to their apartment and do a motivational interview. Then we had the following exchange:

FAUSTUS: What’s a motivational interview?
E.S.: It’s a Jedi mind trick psychiatrists use to further our evil plans.
FAUSTUS: Yes, but what is it?
E.S.: I can’t tell you. Then you’ll know our ways, and you’ll try to manipulate and control people all the time.
FAUSTUS: I already try to manipulate and control people all the time.
E.S.: That’s true. But if I tell you our secret you’ll be more successful at it.
FAUSTUS: So what’s the secret?
E.S.: I’m not telling.
FAUSTUS (coyly): What’s the secret, big boy?
E.S.: Nope.
FAUSTUS: You don’t love me.
E.S.: And how does that make you feel?

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11 Responses to Last night E

  1. Todd says:

    Ya know, I became curious about what a motivational interview was, so I called up Yoda. E.S. totally lied! The jedi never use such subversive tactics in their pursiut of knowledge and awesomeness!! Since Yoda was no help, I did the next best thing: a google search. I came up with

    and thought ‘wow that was easy’ and then I looked and found the definition in:

    and thought ‘I totally love google!’

    BTW, after your last few entries, and my personal experience, I think you should seriously entertain the possiblity that ALL shrinks are from other planets. Which I guess is cool and all, as long as they continue to send cute ones down.

  2. Greg says:

    I sense a disturbance in the force… you will be visiting your therapist very soon and discussing this…

  3. David says:

    Tool of the dark side, a motivational interview is. Trust it do not.

  4. Eric says:

    I could never date a therapist because of this exact point. How could you ever win an argument with a person who answers everything you say with a question?

  5. Austin says:

    I don’t get it? I read it a coupl’a times & I still dont get it? I’m having a blonde moment.

  6. Aidan says:

    I was having tea this afternoon with Princess Leia and she said to TOTALLY avoid motivational interviews. She said she fell for that trick once and before she knew it she was chair of the “Save the Planet” bake sale.

  7. Syal says:

    Is this one of those posts in which you show the world what a wonderful boyfriend you have so we fill with envy and drool and…

    Forget the question.


  8. Pam says:

    Princess Leia she crazy.

  9. Chris says:

    You guys are so perfect for each other it’s disgusting.

  10. Uncle Zoloft says:

    lucky bastard ~ free therapy! Damn you!

  11. goblinbox says:

    No, really. How does it make you feel?


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