April 19, 2006

A quick and boring note: I will not be dancing at Splash tonight. I have been rescheduled for next Wednesday.

You know, in case you were planning to come and stick cash in my underwear.

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14 Responses to A quick and boring note

  1. KipEsquire says:

    Assuming it’s not closed for another drug bust

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Drat. I’ll just reschedule my flight out….

  3. Groomzilla says:

    Sorry for the inconvenience, it’s just that they wanted someone with a little more junk in his trunk – – I swear I’ll leave you some of my tips.

  4. Tom says:

    You mean I have to wait another week to give you a dollar and touch your penis?

  5. Eric says:

    Now we have to go all the way to your house to do it.

  6. GaryS says:

    ….uh oh,

    boyfriend finally put his foot down huh?

  7. campbell says:

    He’s kidding; right? I mean, I am going to be in New York next week and only wild horses, or Faustus in a pair of Speedos, would normally induce me to set foot over the threshold at ‘Splash’.

    The UK Needs To Know!

  8. Uncle Zoloft says:


    Forget the speedo’s: I have been rehearsing various other places to insert a couple of bucks.

  9. David says:

    Well, I couldn’t make it this week anyway. Of course next week is even more difficult. Remind us again next week as I have the memory of a sieve.

  10. chris says:

    Do we really get to touch ur doodle?

  11. Paul says:

    Hmm. And I was already planning to fly over there!


  12. bt says:

    You need to dance in DC where only socks are required. You can nix the jockstrap. WOOF

  13. Mr Mystic says:

    What I want to know is, have you ever farted in the subway?

  14. will says:

    A quick and boring note: I will not be dancing at Splash tonight either. Of course, I won’t be dancing at Splash any night, so I suppose there’s nothing really comment-worthy about that.


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