January 25, 2006

To be clear: the production of Electra at which my friend N.E. was laughing featured such staging innovations as Orestes’ killing Clytemnestra by shooting her in the vagina with an invisible gun. Apparently the director wanted Clytemnestra to have an orgasm as she died, but the actress playing her refused.

I guess she had never seen When Harry Met Sally.

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9 Responses to To be clear

  1. Z says:

    wow… Yea I would laugh as well.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    “Apparently the director wanted Clytemnestra to have an orgasm as she died….”

    With “What It Feels Like for A Girl” by Madonna playing in the background, possibly?

  3. Phil says:

    What the hell! I might be gay, but I don’t think bullets in the vagina cause orgasm. I’m not even sure that kill you, except in a slow bleeding to death sort of way.

  4. Mush says:


    Um, that director? Yeah. Totally doesn’t understand where orgasms come from.

  5. Sartre_Jnr says:

    The director could have been a fan of Klimt’s painting “Judith,” (where Judith is portrayed as being in the throes of what could only be described as a “murderous orgasm” after decapitating Holofernes). He may have wanted Clytemnestra to exhibit similar behavior to that of Judith vis-a-vie an inexplicable orgasm…

  6. campbell says:

    Oh my!

  7. Uncle Zoloft says:

    I directed a show that had one of it’s characters off herself that way. I had no desire to follow the stage directions. It was simpler and more effective to have her pull out a gleaming pistol from her purse have a quick light change to red with a white pin spot on her for about 2 seconds then blackout – gunshot.
    Greeks and guns?!?! Yikes.
    Vagina and guns?!?!? Oy.

  8. David says:

    Productions like that one are why more and more people have no respect for serious theater. Egads.

  9. Ruby says:


    Who can blame N.E? I mean, I’m laughing and I haven’t seen it!

    I totally agree with David, these type of plays are so ruining theatre.

    One question though, is she supposed to have an orgasm before or after she screams her head out of pain?…Or after she dies?


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