January 7, 2006

Okay, I have been eaten up with guilt ever since I made yesterday’s post.

Because I lied.

I did not in fact name all the parts of the knitted brain correctly.

I got many of them right, but some of them I faked, and I got away with it because nobody else at the table knew any better. In my defense, the dream brain was anatomically different from an actual human brain, so there were structures it would have been impossible for me to name correctly, because they don’t exist in real life.

Though I suppose that, since they did exist in the dream brain, they also had correct names in the dream, and I still didn’t know them.

So basically I’m a total failure.

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8 Responses to Okay, I have been eaten up with guilt ever since I made yesterday’s

  1. Rocqui says:

    My third grade teacher told me that as long as you say something with authority and conviction, then people will believe you, or at least accept that you know what you’re talking about. So I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself – if they didn’t know any better, and if you sold it to them convincingly, then you accomplished your goal. Bravo!

  2. coolbuddha says:

    You can only try your best, but the best reason for not lying is that you don’t have to remember everything. Try sleeping with a nicotine patch on – wild!

  3. Ruby says:

    Yes, Faustus, you are a failure. I am happy that you have just realized this. All of us, your readers are happy for you. Here is an example to convince you of how much you are a hopeless case:

    You once held a contest for your readers. They had to send you post entries that sound like they were written by you. How many entries did you get? How many voters voted for the 12 entries you received? I think they were around 69.

    How many people have replied to your posts? How many people have just discovered your blog and are posting here?

    How many people come to see your work?

    How many people have clapped at your plays?

    Yes, you are a failure.

  4. Paul says:

    How did you know? Did E.S. tell you the right names? 🙂


  5. Jeffrey says:

    Perhaps it was an alien brain, secretly placed there by Agent Mulder to see if you were concealing any information about alien-human hybrids.

    Oh, wait, sorry, that’s X-Files. I’ll do anything to get David Duchovny into a dream sequence, I guess….

  6. Lauren says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that the other people at the table knew the correct names for the structures you were faking and just decided to be polite and not say anything.

  7. Frank says:


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