December 19, 2005

Everyone who lives in New York and hasn’t already seen it should immediately get tickets to Striking 12, a glorious adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl” by the band Groovelily and Tony-Award-winning bookwriter (and my occasional collaborator) Rachel Sheinkin. The most enjoyable evening I’ve spent in the theater in a while. It closes this Friday, so don’t delay.

And yes, the new house is in pretty much the same neighborhood as the old one. So there may be an ancient Indian burial ground in my future yet.

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5 Responses to Everyone who lives in New York and hasn’t already seen it should

  1. anapestic says:

    Especially if you can arrange to die in New Delhi.

  2. tim says:

    So, this is why you have been busy… updating the blog template. Very nice.

  3. anapestic says:

    One second, I was looking at the old, familiar Search for Love and the next, everything had changed. Is this what you get when you sell your soul, or is this what happens when they come to collect?

  4. coolbuddha says:

    “We are sorry to tell you that due to the transit strike, the owners of Ars Nova have cancelled tonight’s (Tue 12/20) performance of ‘Striking 12′”

    Life imitating art?

  5. zenchick says:

    I’m so glad it’s good…I saw them down here in Charm City last year, and again this past summer. Have one of their CD’s in my changer in the car. They’re divine.


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