November 1, 2005

Of course, as some of you have noted, one of the first problems that presented itself after we decided to buy a house in Crown Heights was the fact that, aside from the utter absurdity of the thought of my living in Brooklyn, I would have to change the name of my blog. This prompted the following conversation with E.S.

FAUSTUS: Shit. If I’m living in Brooklyn, I have to change the name of my blog.
E.S.: Well, you have to change it anyway.
FAUSTUS: What do you mean?
E.S. (meaningfully): The search for love? Now that you’ve found it, you don’t have to search for it anymore.
FAUSTUS: Whatever.
(E.S. raises an eyebrow.)
FAUSTUS (backtracking): I mean, I’ve always thought of that as referring to the search not just for romantic love but also for agape, spiritual love, and philia, brotherly love.
E.S.: Then that’s it. You should change the name of your blog to The Search for Agape in Brooklyn.
FAUSTUS: I hate you.

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27 Responses to Of course, as some of

  1. Mr.D. says:

    Good luck, Faustus, however it pans out.

  2. Ruby says:

    I don’t understand why you bought a house in Brooklyn. I know how much you loathe it.

    I want to repeat David’s question, are all of the three floors yours?!

  3. mkf says:

    a non-issue–or should be. the name of your blog has transcended its original meaning; it is, essentially, your brand name–you’re strongly identified with it, you’ve built a loyal following with it, and i, for one, think you’ll regret it if you fuck that up.

    (there. does that neatly solve the problem, or what?)

  4. Adam875 says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Brooklyn per se — you actually live far enough uptown that parts of Brooklyn are closer to anywhere you’d want to be. But… CROWN HEIGHTS? Are you INSANE?

  5. mike says:

    I like “A Crown Heights Affair”.

  6. ‘Faustus in Brooklyn’ has sort of a literary ring to it.

    By the way, so sorry you’ll be leaving Manhattan. Do they even have the Internet out there?

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Oh my dear, you might as well move to the Midwest.

  8. Patrick (the other one) says:

    I love E.S.

  9. John says:

    Just proves that you shouldn’t try to out-BS a therapist. I’m sure he gets his best comebacks from his patients.

    Yes, your fanatic followers like ES. The perfect foil for you.

  10. I must say, it does have a ring to it Faustus, you might want to consider it.


  11. Sin says:

    Where is this…”Brooklyn” of which you write?

  12. Mush says:

    I love E.S.

  13. Rocqui says:

    That E.S. is a clever boy – I’d hold onto him if I were you. (Nice recovery, by the way!)

  14. chris says:

    This is the end as we know it. *hands everyone some kleenex*

  15. Logan says:

    Agape is overrated.

  16. skinny says:

    “Isn’t it strange that when we fall in love, this great dream we have, this extraordinary disease, the only thing in which either one of us is interested, it’s inevitably with some perfectly ordinary drip who for some reason we cannot define is the magic bearer, the magician, the one who brings all this to us.’’
    Isn’t it noteworthy that searching for love does not end upon finding it? What one does with it or where he is taken because of it is what becomes important then. Searching for love in Manhattan, has led you to Brooklyn. This is the Odyssey part of it all.
    (the quote is from Dancer from the Dance by Andrew Holleran and typically I have little or no idea about what I am talking about!)

  17. Uncle Zoloft says:

    Let get the facts in order:

    – Faustus searches for love in Manhattan.

    – ES & Faustus do the dance of gay male courtship.

    – Faustus takes ES below the Mason-Dixon line to meet the family and be called “darlin.”

    – Faustus and ES put a bid in on a three story church in Brooklyn.

    – Faustus get’s his on-line minister’s license.

    – Faustus and ES open “The Church of The Search For Love.”

    – Their new religion is a hit; paying off their mortage and allowing them to flip a brownstone in the Bronx.

    – In three years they have their own version of The Apprentance on Logo and Here TV!

    – Despondent Faustus begins work on rewriting Dante’s Inferno in haiku form.

  18. anapestic says:

    Surely there are any number of other young gay men searching for love in Manhattan. What you have here is a great franchise opportunity. Your marketing materials should stress how well the title has worked for you and imply (without guaranteeing, of course) that the young bloggers who buy one of your licenses can expect to be coupled and marginally less neurotic within three years. Then you just need to subdivide Manhattan into as many smaller units as possible (blocks, I suppose) and sell a license for each intersection. I can’t believe you haven’t already had this discussion with your intellectual property lawyer.

  19. Lalala Lemon says:

    Maybe the title should be “searchingagapeinbrooklyn”

    how will you ever find a taxi?

  20. Mush says:

    Dante’s Inferno in haiku! Hah! May I pre-order a copy?

  21. Call it Fred.

    Fred’s a good name.

  22. Trudeau says:

    Isn’t it obvious that by ‘search for love’ you meant search for the one true undying love? Isn’t it a little presumptuous of ES to think he’s made the final cut? Or is it?

  23. Dominic says:

    Alternatively, how about ‘Agape Grows in Brooklyn’ ?

  24. Michelle says:

    You’ve found love in Manhattan.

    You’ve purchased Agape in Brooklyn.

    Please don’t move to Philadelphia. It really is just a saying.

  25. hot toddy says:

    You mean we’re supposed to give our blogs titles that actually mean something? Now you tell me. And you call yourself my Blogfather. Well, you don’t, actually, but I do.

  26. cs says:


  27. A.J. says:

    (Sorry I’m a little late on this one) I would keep it as it is. When you really think about it, for many gay guys there is a permanent search for love…affection…acknowledgement. Even after we’ve met someone, it seems as if 6 months later we find…this guy no longer is what I had thought he would be…I need to once again be rescued from this unhappy situation – and the ‘search for love’ continues again.

    We’ve found each other; we even want to marry each other. The bridge to keep us together even after we’ve become boring is what needs to happen. The search for love is something within us – as far as what paths our life takes us on.

    The name’s good. Fun blog.


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