October 21, 2005

Today I had a lunch meeting with a producer and a collaborator. This wouldn’t have been a problem except that I hadn’t been aware it was going to be a lunch meeting rather than a regular meeting, so I had lunch beforehand. Then, when I got to the lunch meeting, in order not to offend the producer by telling her I’d already eaten lunch, I ate lunch again. Then, after I got home, I talked to a good friend and learned about another good friend’s very well deserved career successes. This caused me to be consumed by jealousy and to cook and eat three cups of chocolate pudding.

Maybe I should have stayed in South Carolina. At least the weather was good there.

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9 Responses to Today I had a lunch

  1. Logan says:

    You are a fool.

  2. Bleary says:

    You’ve really got to weigh up whether gaining pounds in SC is better than gaining pounds in NYC.

    Or, more importantly, which place is the best to shed that unsightly extra tonnage??

  3. birdfarm says:

    Bleary, who says it’s unsightly? Four pounds isn’t even a whole bag of flour. For chrissakes, you can lose four pounds taking a good crap. I bet Dr. Faustus is the only person who can tell the difference. Or ignore the difference. Which would be my loving advice to the dear doctor.


  4. Jere says:

    Yes, darlin’…

  5. Jannah says:

    Dear Dr Fautus,

    Will I get thinner if I consume only chocolate oat drink and nothing else?

    Will I die if I don’t eat regular food? What if I alternate eating regular food with just taking liquid?

    And how much time left if I only consume liquid till I deteriorate?

  6. Ruby says:


    Honey, you’re not a fool.

    You know, gaining weight isn’t a problem. As long as your thinner than E.S. that is all that matters.

    I started a diet and I have stayed on it. Two hours later, I decided I am happy with the way I look.


  7. eric bogs says:

    maybe you’re pregnant?

  8. Mush says:

    I’m sorry, my fat lil’ darlin’, did you say something about lunch? I can’t hear you talkin’ with all that puddin’ in your little mouth!


  9. Dan the Man says:

    There’s an Andy Griffith Show episode like that…eats 3 servings of spaghetti…hilarity ensues.


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