October 28, 2005

I am actually really upset that Harriet Miers has withdrawn from the nomination for the Supreme Court.

Because it seemed like she wasn’t smart enough or possessed of enough true ill will to do us any real damage.

And now who are we going to get in her place?

I’m scared, folks.

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13 Responses to I am actually really upset

  1. Chris says:

    I’m not looking forward to her replacement either, but I have no doubt she’d have been another Clarence Thomas — evil, intellectually lazy, and a parrot for the fundies.

  2. jjd says:

    I think you are right. In fact, it seemed that she was gay friendly, some questionaire she filled out for a local political run indicated that she favored equality for gays, no? It sucks that the dems didn’t do something to help her out, but I guess her ? mark views on abortion froze them into inaction. Anyway, I’m sure the next candidate won’t be nearly as moderate, and certainly not gay friendly. sucks for us.

  3. Chris says:

    Yeah, but in the same questionnaire in which she said she thought gay people should have “equal” rights she said she didn’t think Texas’s then-still-in-effect gays-only sodomy law should be struck down. So she’s probably one of those “special rights” idiots who thinks not getting arrested for private consensual sex is a “special” right.

  4. Logan says:

    She did seem a bit dim.

  5. jjd says:

    true chris. But I think her answer to the sodomy question was her pandering to the fact that she was in Texas, running for a Texas seat, and surrounded by people who overwhelmingly supported the sodomy ban. I think her answer to same sex unions, which she allegedly supported, goes more to showing her core beliefs as being gay friendly than the ridiculous sodomy law (which the S.C. would agree is unenforceable). Anyway, all I’m saying is she wasn’t so bad, and I’d take her over the next nomination, who I’m sure, will be more to the right than her. Too bad.

  6. Trudeau says:


    I’m one of your new fans. Just discovered your blog by fluke, and have become an avid reader!

    In any case, I agree. She seemed rather inoffensive, and it’s precisely for that reason the conservatives got her to pull out. Too bad the dems didn’t do much to save her. Check out the la.times oct 22 article on her position concerning equal voting rights (it’s also posted on my blog).

  7. birdfarm says:

    Some people think that was the whole intention–she was a red herring, a setup for the ultra-conservative who’s coming next.

    I guess your view of this will depend on whether you lean more towards “evil” or “stupidity” in your theory of “what makes the Bush administration wheels go ’round.”

  8. Elliott says:

    Why do we always have to settle for the lesser of the two evils???

    I sure would have loved to watch her confirmation hearings; it would have been a million dollar circus. What I would give for front row seats during questioning by Diane Feinstein (D – CA)ƂĀ…

    As of last week two thirds of the judiciary committee did not support her nomination, would we be better off with an unknown? Ignorance is not necessarily bliss.

  9. Ruby says:

    My pic is still here Faustus. I’m the one with long black hair.


  10. mkf says:

    actually, i had come to suspect that she might well be a lesbian, as the only man in her past that anyone could point to as a possible love interest (a texas supreme court justice) had, when pressed, pretty much disavowed any prior carnal knowledge of her. while this might have worked to the advantage of the home team, my personal experience has been that born-again closet cases tend to overcompensate by veering as far to the right as possible, and the last thing we need is the judicial equivalent of “protesting too much,” right?

    on the bright side, i think the miers fiasco has served a useful purpose, if only because it chastened the idiot bush sufficiently to prevent his picking, say, his buddy over at the crawford savings and loan when it came time to fill that pesky federal reserve chairmanship… .

  11. Uncle Zoloft says:

    “And now who will take her place?”

    Random thoughts:

    – Dear God give Fitzgerald the job.

    – Bush has to pick someone who will cover his ass for his impending “war crimes” indictment.

    – He’ll pick his mom.

    – He is so sauced back-up on the hooch he’ll nominate Rove.

    – Miers was Bush’s bow to his corporate pirate croonies.

    – Oh Christ, it’ll be Dobson or Falwell! – or Mike Brown!

    This is too much for Uncle Z ~ I need a cocktail and handfull of valium.

  12. unmenchnablz says:

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  13. Ken says:

    Well, you were right to be scared … so prescient even in the matters of politics.


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