September 13, 2005

Here is a conversation I had the other day with E.S.:

Faustus: Oh, my God, have you seen Celine Dion’s crying plea from Larry King Live?
E.S.: No, I haven’t.
Faustus: It was totally moving. She was so impassioned. She gave a million dollars to relief efforts and then she attacked the administration for its lack of response to Katrina and for the war in Iraq and then she sang a beautiful song. I cried.
E.S.: Now there’s a shock.
Faustus: It made me want to buy a Celine Dion CD.
E.S.: Really? What would you do with it?
Faustus: Shut up.
E.S.: Do you even know who Celine Dion is?

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12 Responses to Here is a conversation I

  1. Very noble with respect to the donation and moving, but almost histrionic, n’est pas?

  2. Brian says:

    After seeing the video, I want to see her in concert now! Leave E.S. at home and we’ll jet off to Vegas.

  3. Uncle Zoloft says:

    We thought Larry’s follow-up was a classic! LARRY: “…. would ya sing us a song?” He asked like 3 or 4 times! Sometimes I love that old crank.

  4. Lauren says:

    Whereas it just made me waste half an hour trying to find a transcript of the Celine Dion’s Martin Luther King Day sketch from Mad TV.

  5. David says:

    E.S. has got your number so bad.

  6. Broderick says:

    Elle est Quebecois, they are designed by the hand of Canadian god to be histrionic.

    I thought it was a great moment, and very moving, but one part of me wanted her to start screaming “Tabernacle! Tabernacle! Va t’empaler encule, George Bush!”

  7. KB says:

    We’ve moved from titillating sexual exploits… to finding love at long last… to Harry Potter… to weeping over Celine?

    Oh my! We are becoming rather housefrau-ish as we glide ever-so-gently into our thirties, aren’t we?

  8. mike says:

    Re. Celine: I can’t remember when I last felt like laughing and crying at the same time.

    Maybe it was the last time I heard a Celine Dion album.

  9. un VRAI québécois says:

    Oh my, Broderick. Never rely on Babelfish to come up with an intelligible translation. “Va t’empaler, encule”? That doesn’t even make sense.

  10. perry says:

    Viva Celine, girl! We love her even more the tragic-er she gets.

    Oh, I plugged you, ah, errrrrrrrr, ummmm I mean I plugged your blog here. =)

  11. birdfarm says:

    *laughing* David is sooo right. E.S. has got your number.

    I thought it was more common than it apparently is to find her completely nauseating. Between the horse face, skeletal figure and marrying her friggin’ father (more or less), I have a hard time even thinking about her.

    But I do admit to a secret fondness for that hideous Titanic song–I know it’s hideous but I love it anyway.

    I guess we all have our weaknesses.

  12. iggy says:

    Don’t worry Celine.. we haven’t forgotten you….


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