July 19, 2005

While I have your attention, it behooves me to urge all of you to come check out the fun at a little event here in New York tonight:

WYSIWYG Talent Show

The WYSIWYG Talent Show presents

(Summer Camp Stories)

Tuesday, July 19, at 7:30 p.m. at P.S. 122
150 1st Ave. at East 9th St.

Tickets are $7 — call the P.S. 122 box office at 212-477-5288 or
click here to purchase advance tickets


Susie Felber (felberfrolics.blogspot.com)

Claudia Cogan (getthefoutofhere.blogspot.com)

Jim Barrett (jimbo.info/weblog)

Sarah Weinman (sarahweinman.com)

Jonny Goldstein (jonnygoldstein.com)

Jess Hulett (blindcavefish.com)

This is our last show of the summer, since we go on hiatus until September, so if you’ve been tempted to come to one of the shows (and of course you have because you know Faustus would never participate in anything that wasn’t of the highest quality available) come on by tonight! It’s too bad Faustus is out of town this week, because I’m sure tonight’s theme would fill him with terror about his own trip to summer camp later this summer.

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