July 8, 2005

Still Still still still – actually, I thought I would be Faustus by now. This entire week, I have been waiting for our identities to merge. I’m not at all sure why they haven’t. I’m still not Faustus.

I was going to write something really funny, but then I spent two hours reading news websites instead and now I just want to slowly bludgeon someone to death or alternately get really drunk.

Someone should buy How to Start Your Own Country and start one and let me go live in it. I don’t really have the energy to start my own, but it seems like such a good idea in theory.

In the meantime, please go get drunk. I am going to go get drunk. While waiting for my identity to merge with that of Faustus (please note the elaborate means I am going to to avoid apostrophe controversy). This is supposed to be my last guest post, so if our identities don’t merge in the next few hours, it will just be too late.

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2 Responses to Still Still still still –

  1. Jeff says:

    Lauren, you have been delightful and demented (or should that be delightfully demented?). If in coming days you find yourself humming things that sound like show tunes, then I imagine the merging will have been successful….

  2. David says:

    Farewell, you’ve been grand.


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