July 30, 2005

I survived the baseball game.

I spent the first hour and a half watching the game out of the corner of my eye while I devoured a hot dog, a huge bag of Cracker Jacks, a cup of frozen lemonade, and an ice cream cone.

I spent the next hour and a half knitting a scarf.

In between, I held an infant in my lap.

The whole afternoon was such a bizarre mix of the familiar and the terrifyingly foreign that I didn’t really know what to do with myself afterwards, so I just went home and took a nap.

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10 Responses to I survived the baseball game.

  1. chris says:

    hot dog, cracker jacks, lemonade, ice cream and then u had a *nap*? *squeals!* ur ass must be huge!!! u’ll thank me for pointing this out later 😉 *pats*

  2. roy says:

    my liffe would be so different if i’d ever thought to combine baseball and knitting.

  3. chris: I most certainly will not.

    roy: I’m not so sure it would.

    Jess and Jill: You are sworn to secrecy. I had a traumatic week last week and I’m still recovering.

  4. Mushlette says:

    Napping is an excellent defense mechanism. I try to employ it daily, when possible.

  5. Jill Smith says:

    I shall never tell, sir. Never.

  6. Another Joel: I’m glad to have set things right for you. You understand, I hope, why I had to get rid of the evidence.

  7. Uncle Zoloft says:

    Thank the Lord! We heard that a 13 year old went missing at a recent Yankee’s game and we feared the worst. Thank God for diazapam… and vodka.

  8. Another Joel says:

    I do. My fingers are sealed.

  9. birdfarm says:

    Does this post hold any kind of record for “largest number of cryptic references to deleted comments”?

  10. PeeWee says:

    Well, I am always hypnotized by Derek Jeter’s ass. Can’t believe you didn’t even notice it.


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