May 30, 2005

Why did we once think Brad Pitt was really hot?

Is it that he used to be hot, and he simply isn’t now?

Or were we suffering from some collective delusion?

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17 Responses to Why did we once think

  1. chris says:

    waaaaah? brad pitt is still freakin hot! (in that old-enough-to-be-my-father kind of way!)

    we loved him cos of his hot bod and macho good looks

  2. roy says:

    The cowboy hat and the hair dryer. Yeehaw.

  3. Stairs says:

    He’s pretty, but has never been my type.

  4. campbell says:

    1) Because he was

    2) He still is

    You, sir, are fickle.

  5. Adam875 says:

    Eh. He never really did it for me. Not from the neck up anyway.

  6. chris, roy, and campbell: You’ll see from my next post (on Tuesday) that, if I haven’t recanted, at least I realize that the answer to the last question in this post is “no.”

    Stairs and Adam875: I have corrected the stylistic oddity your comments used to refer to (and adjusted your comments to match). While technically correct, it was pretty infelicitous prose. Chalk it up to too much Memorial Day merriment.

  7. Andrew says:

    he was, is and will always be hot.

  8. MzOuiser says:

    Nobody looks hot next to Angelina Jolie.

  9. Stairs says:

    I knew that you could be depended upon. Of course, I’m still preoccupied with trans-Atlantic grammatical variation; I’m curious to know which bits of each that you prefer?

  10. Mushlette says:

    He’s still hot, for the love of God.

  11. Schorsch says:

    Faustus, he never was… Those who thought he was may have suffered (and may still suffer) from collective delusion. Of course, as so often, this is a matter of perspective: It might just as well be only me, in which case we’re still dealing with delusion – but not in the collective form…

  12. Michael says:

    Of Ocean’s twelve, he’s not even in my top five, and depending on my mood, sometimes finishes behind Elliott Gould.

  13. Dave says:

    Hm, ya hadda love him as Achilles in “Troy”..

  14. Mr. HK says:

    Brad? Not hot? Ummm. I don’t think so.

  15. Joe R says:

    Brad Pitt, in “Thelma and Thersa, set the record for hot. Now he’s aging. Sorry about that.

  16. chris says:

    A friend let me know about your blog, and I just wanted to let you know it’s hysterical. It’s somewhat like reading my thoughts if I was this honest with myself.

    Keep up the good work.

  17. mimi says:

    hot he still is, hotter now that he left whatshername who looks like a boy, he is the only blond man i ever liked the look of


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