May 14, 2005

Everyone must go immediately to or Planet Out and look at the divine Gay Haiku slideshow.

The photographs made me laugh out loud at the haiku, which is quite a feat, given that I wrote the damn things.

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9 Responses to Everyone must go immediately to

  1. David says:

    The best is the puppy.

  2. Jess says:

    Very nice… and wonderful publicity!

  3. Brian says:

    That picture of you and E.S. is so cute!

    Wait, maybe those were two lesbians.

  4. i. bendito says:

    Do you perchhance have the number of the number in the football jersey?

  5. birdfarm says:

    I didn’t think the scene of the guy folding laundry was so un-romantic–kinda sweet actually.

    But that must be because I’m a lesbian.

    Or maybe because I’ve never seen a man folding laundry.

  6. Mushlette says:

    When I read:

    “But come on — if I have sex with you and you talk about your wife the whole time, do you honestly think you’re getting a sonnet?”

    A SONNET??!??!

    I nearly had an aneurism, from the laughing so hard and everything.

  7. Mike says:

    I saw your book written up in Instinct… that was exciting 🙂

  8. JB5 says:

    Every one I read just makes me feel like I am bursting with funness. lol…

  9. HN says:

    Brilliant irony… the small, clickable ad that appeared beside slide #1 on invited us all to buy a certain brand of swimwear so that we can “get noitced.” :^) I cringed so that you will be able to say you did it vicariously through me.


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