April 28, 2005

He urged me months and months ago to set up an RSS feed, and he seconded the opinion last week. So I’m finally doing what I’m good at, which is obeying the orders of others.

My question is: how the fuck do I do it? I’m using Blogger, so it can’t be that difficult, but somehow I’m managing not to understand. Can some generous soul please take pity on me and email me to explain?

You understand that I can no longer offer free sex, which has been my traditional incentive in the past, due to E.S.’s very cute jealous streak. But I can bake you a mean batch of brownies.


Thank you!

I think I’ve done it, and that it’s here.

Am I correct?

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11 Responses to He urged me months and

  1. Mike says:

    Wow, I’ve never wanted to know how to create an RSS stream before. Mmm… Brownies.

  2. sdf says:
  3. Christopher says:

    Punctuation, occasional bad grammar. RSS. God, I don’t know ANYTHING!

  4. Stairs says:

    Oh praise the Heavens; at last!

    I have renewed faith in your gingery hunkiness.

  5. Frank says:

    And about time, too. Pity you got help so fast, as I was wondering how the brownies would have lasted all the way to Melbourne.

  6. Ayse says:

    You’re correct, but the feed has your first like as a title and that is it. I thought Blogger did full-text Atom feeds, too. Much nicer.

  7. Mushlette says:

    Maybe it’s time to remove “If you want to date me, e-mail me at FaustusMD@nyc.rr.com,” from your comments windows? Since you can’t offer the free sex any more due to the cute jealousy?

    Just a thought. 😉

  8. Thank you guys! I think it’s taken care of properly. Now I just have to add a sidebar link to it and I will have joined the 21st century.

    I baked the brownies for the lucky recipient, but then unfortunately I ate them all.

    And Mushlette, your wish is my command.

  9. anapestic says:

    I always figured that referred to carbon dating.

  10. Jess says:

    “Am I correct?”

    What kind of twisted world do we live in when our beloved Faustus could be driven to question his own correctness? Terrible!

  11. matt says:

    Hurrah! It’s just what I’ve always wanted. I shall never miss another post 🙂

    (I agree with Ayse is that the formatting could be improved, but I don’t imagine that’s your fault.)


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