March 13, 2005

She’s back home, in better spirits and eating a little bit.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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6 Responses to She’s back home, in better

  1. Stairs says:

    Glad to hear it; get well soon, Doctor’s dog

  2. Convivia says:


  3. Amanda says:

    Best wishes for your dog’s recovery, Faustus. The last leader of the opposition in Australia recently resigned due to problems with pancreatitis. At least your dog doesn’t have a high-powered job to worry about!

  4. Licketysplit says:

    Aw, who’s a good girl? Good girl! Good thoughts for you both.

  5. Joe.My.God. says:

    Glad to hear it!

  6. mari says:

    All the best to your dog, Faustus! I’m sure she’ll get well real soon with lotsa TLC. 🙂


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