January 18, 2005

This is far too much fun to stop now.

Higgledy Piggledy
Wardell B. Pomeroy
Envied Al Kinsey like
Dirt envies air;
Though he could hold his own
He was no match for the
Doctor down there.

Ozzily Tozzily
Wicked Witch (West, not East)
Spies on Miss Gale, feeling
Down in the dumps;
“Hmph,” she remarks, somewhat
“Long way to go for some
Lousy red pumps.”

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7 Responses to This is far too much

  1. campbell says:

    Fret not Faustus they were both better than the David and Jonathan one by miles. You are obviously getting into the swing of this.

    I still think it is a genetic quirk though!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Encore, encore.

  3. Convivia says:

    Does it count if you write a d.d. about yourself?

    Cranky, cantanker-y
    {here, my dactylic name}
    Said with a sneer, “I could
    Wish them all dead–

    Those who would question my
    Just ’cause I’m blissfully

  4. anapestic says:

    “Like dirt envies air” is one of the best phrases I’ve read in a long while. I plan to steal it and use it as frequently as possible in conversation. I’m not sure that “as frequently as possible” is any more frequent than “never,” but I’m certainly going to try.

  5. matt says:

    Flibberty Gibberty
    Emily Dickinson
    Penned many poems of
    Desolate wit.
    Was she a lesbian?
    Probably not, but she’s
    Not a bad fit.

  6. campbell: You are very kind.

    Jeffrey: I’m working on it.

    Convivia: I think it still counts. And you are a brilliant genius.

    matt: I still love you.

  7. mike says:

    Sex And The City double dactyls! Get them here!


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