December 17, 2004

N.B.: This post contains a spoiler about this past Tuesday’s episode of The Biggest Loser (which I just saw), so if you’ve TiVoed it and haven’t watched it yet, go do so before you read another word.

Okay, I almost never write about TV shows, mostly because I’m a pop culture idiot and don’t wish to reveal myself as such.

But what the fuck was Kelly M. thinking?

Did she believe for a second that if that crazy bitch Lisa had been in her shoes, she wouldn’t have voted Kelly off in a heartbeat?

Thank God for Ryan and the power of sanity.

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6 Responses to N.B.: This post contains a

  1. Licketysplit says:

    I am almost sorry Lisa is gone because I hated her so damn much!

  2. Cara says:

    Was Lisa the one who favored the shell necklace? That one was dumb as damn dirt.

  3. Jenni says:

    No kidding!!!
    Lisa is about the snarkiest freak I can imagine. Glad to see her go, even though that was only the 2nd ep of the show I’ve seen.

  4. Of course, since Andrea was the only one I really liked, now that she’s gone I don’t really care so much who wins. But I totally cried when she said that thing at the end about wearing her favorite dress that now fit her.

  5. Oh God I am so glad she is gone…I mean what a total bitch…it’s a FREAKING GAME! I mean really…if you can’t accept the fact that someone may do something to save themselves rather than save you then you don’t understand how the game works. It’s not called “Let’s Help Lisa Win $250,000″…

    Personally I think Mo is going to wind up winning the money in the end…just my guess…

  6. Crash says:

    I haven’t hated a reality TV ‘star’ so much since Richard on Survivor. What an evil whiny bitch.


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