November 23, 2004

From a conversation I had this evening with my friend H.E., who recently broke up with her boyfriend:

H.E.: I found one of his eyelashes in my shower this morning and it made me so sad. I felt bad washing it down the drain.
Faustus: H., everybody has eyelashes.
H.E.: Yeah, but not everybody has good eyelashes. My last boyfriend’s eyelashes were transparent.
Faustus: And he didn’t use mascara?
H.E.: Faustus, I date straight men.
Faustus: Oh. (Pause.) Why would you want to do that?

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9 Responses to From a conversation I had

  1. campbell says:

    1) Straight men don’t use mascara? Yeah. Right.

    2) Why indeed.

  2. Wayne says:


    Okay, he dyed his eye lashes.

    He’s a Metrosexual.

  3. Jalal says:

    Men actually use mascara?

  4. jennir says:

    i know a man who uses foundation and lipstick…

  5. Lux says:

    In answer to your question, because gay men won’t put out.

  6. DoF says:

    This is a bit late and most definately off the topic, but they finally came up with a use for Shrub…

  7. David says:

    Perhaps it’s not an eyelash after all. Perhaps it’s a public hair. Did her last boyfriend have transparent public hairs?

  8. cornellboi says:

    Her vision must be abnormally acute to pick out a small transparent eyelash in the shower.

  9. David says:

    Did I really write “public hair,” or is this some vast cosmic joke? I tend to type words that aren’t the words I’m thinking of, so I double checked before I posted and was SURE it said PUBIC HAIR. I am doomed.


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