October 21, 2004

Well, I think that, in the end, I found the best solution. I made us a reservation at a place where we can go for a “hike” (whatever that is) and then come back and fall asleep in a canopy bed.

I don’t mind nature in small, controlled doses. I prefer it when it has been bent to someone’s will, but I suppose that for an hour I can suffer in silence. But sleeping on the ground makes no sense to me at all.

The only bad news is that we’re going on Saturday the 30th, and so I’m going to miss all the Hallowe’en parties.

But that’s okay, because I’ll be in my own costume, as someone who enjoys the Great Outdoors.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Chris says:

    Not a big fan of nature, but I love the B-52’s. I stayed at this place a couple of months ago. Beautiful, campy and cute. And also near some really good restaurants.

    Kate’s Lazy Meadow Inn

  2. Chris says:

    Ack. It’s early. Kate’s Lazy Meadow Inn

  3. Patricia says:

    Have you ever read Caleb Carr? This is the only place I’ve ever heard of New Palz, NY (I can’t remember if it’s in his 1st or 2nd novel)….heh. Hope there aren’t any crazy serial killers running around.

    I’m joking, of course. I’m sure it’s changed since 1890.

  4. Marc says:

    Faustus, you will love the place. Especially at this time of year. It’s just a sight to behold, and even if you do hike, a short drive through that area during the day is also stunning. Have a wonderful time!

  5. Kevin says:

    I don’t mean to hijack this comment thread, but could you give an etymology lesson on ‘Hallowe’en’? The apostrophe makes me uh, frighteningly curious.

  6. Beau says:

    I have to agree..if you need to be out in the woods, you’ve picked the most beautiful spot in upstate NY. You would never suspect that such a place exists, nestled and well hidden up in the Catskills. Have a great time.

  7. jennir says:

    mohonk looks great! enjoy yourself!!!

  8. jt says:

    you can always come stay on my farm if you need to get away, no seriously they tell me i own a farm in indiana

  9. Wayne says:

    And you two can do Ballroom Dancing at night 🙂

  10. bitchphd says:

    Have fun!

  11. rob says:

    Mohonk Mountain House is where I had wanted us all to stay when we went up for the Illegal Ceremony. Let me know how you like it … I’ve been wanting to go there for years.

  12. DykeOfFinland says:

    I thought you we’re talking about going camping, not Camping It…

    I can already see Dirty Dancing scenes… Nobody put’s Baby…uumf, sorry Faustus in a corner…

  13. Jalal says:

    Take a gun. It is usually good as a last resort in any possible circumstance.


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