October 15, 2004

The other day, E.S. and I were watching the dreadful American version of What Not to Wear and got into an argument over what country Nick Arrojo was from. I leapt out of bed, slipping like an eel out of E.S.’s grasp, to go look it up online, at which point he made a noise of frustration somewhere between a sigh and a snort. “Why do you always have to win?” he asked.

I stared at him, agape. “How can you have known me for more than three seconds and ask me that?”

“You just always have to win, and I want to know why.”

“Do you also want to know why I have to breathe? Do you want to know why I am a carbon-based life form? Or why I have two legs?”

How can I be dating someone who doesn’t understand me at all?

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7 Responses to The other day, E.S. and

  1. jennir says:

    *panicking* it’s just a temporarily lapse!! and it’s not that he doesnt understand!! he’s just saying!!!

    *clasping hands together* (pls dun blow into a mountain) – mantra.

    (pausing) what do u mean by ‘dating’??? shouldnt the word ‘love’ be substituted there instead??!?

  2. Sin says:

    He understands it. I think, however, that he wants you to explain it. Go ahead 🙂

  3. tim says:

    The better question is “Why can’t you just allow the question to pass and not worry about whether or not you are correct?” Or “What kind of person leaves the comfort of a snuggle with their lover to find out absolutely inane information that neither furthers his intelligence?” Hmmmmm.

  4. Google says:

    Next time stay in bed, Faustus. I will be there for you in the morning.

  5. Schorsch says:

    I thought you loved him more than the internet!

  6. Convivia says:

    Is it really that you always have to win? Or is it that you always have to know?

  7. Frank says:

    I’m lucky — my excuse is that I’m a reference librarian. I always have to find out.


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