October 4, 2004

From a conversation I had with E.S.–no, I haven’t told him yet–after a brief spat on Saturday (as I am a southern Jew, and he is a Protestant psychiatrist, clearly we have a lot of these exchanges to look forward to):

E.S.: I just want the lines of communication to be open.
Faustus: Open is fine. Open I have no problem with. Buzzing with electricity 24/7 is another story.
E.S.: But what you said hurt my feelings, and so I wanted to talk about it.

(Faustus says nothing.)

E.S.: Or I could just pretend it didn’t happen and push it down and let it come out in some other, unrelated way.
Faustus: See, that’s totally where we need to get you to.

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12 Responses to From a conversation I had

  1. Convivia says:

    As you might recall, my husband and I had a very Jane-Austen-y-like email exchange about who was going to be the first to say “I love you.”

    Two weeks later, we were sharing the same cell–I mean, ENGAGED!

  2. Marc says:

    Faustus, you are such a bitch. And my husband would tell you that your exchange is so me. (With me playing you, of course.) 🙂

  3. i. bendito says:

    He’s going to require a suitable outlet for those stifled feelings….

    A blog of his own?;)

  4. Jay says:

    I think the natural outlet would be in the form of rough, punishing, brutal sex.

  5. Patrick says:

    Isn’t the line…”Catholics believe in forgiveness, Jews believe in guilt”?

  6. James says:

    Sorry, Dr. Faustus… I say go with the psychiatrist on this one. I’m assuming he has more training when it comes to the inner workings of your brain.

  7. Jeff says:

    See what happens when you date a Gentile?

  8. Dantallion says:

    I dated a psychiatrist. Now, I’m a great believer in communication. But he over-analysed everything. Constantly.

    Occupational hazard?

  9. Faustus: See, that’s totally where we need to get you to.

    Very, very funny.

  10. David says:

    Faustus: What did you say that hurt his feelings?

  11. Not an M.D. says:

    E.S. stands for extra saintly, doesn’t it? Your boyfriend is incredible!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Um, seems like a heavily sitcom-influenced exchange.

    Jay (the one in Bombay)


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