October 10, 2004

Everyone who has iTunes must go immediately and watch this extraordinary video.

Everyone else must go immediately and buy a Mac, and then go watch this extraordinary video.

Edit: if you don’t have iTunes, go here to watch it. Thanks to him for the link.

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9 Responses to Everyone who has iTunes must

  1. Marc says:

    Wow. Very powerful. Good for Sarah, I’ve always liked her, and now I have even more reason to like her.

    And yes, if everybody had a Mac, the world would be a kinder, gentler place.

  2. Lauren says:

    Macs are fine, but the marketing schtick does start to wear off after you’ve seen a Texas Republican cover his walls in Think Different posters.

    That said, the video played just fine on my cheap, falling-apart-piece-of-crap PC.

  3. rayts says:

    hmm, i’m using OS 9.2 but the video won’t load up. heck.

  4. frost says:

    here’s a more direct link for which you only need quicktime, not a blatent Itunes Music Store advertisement that calls itself a programme.


  5. syaf says:

    i was moved to tears after watching that.

    Wouldn’t the money buying a Mac could be used to buy medicines for a year in africa?

  6. frost says:

    snark. some people are never happy, no matter what sacrifices others make. 😉

    hey, faustus, you need to direct link me in your entries more. I got at least 20 hits from this entry.


  7. Rev. Phil says:

    May I recommend an ever better link?


    E-mail me if you’d like a copy of this film.

  8. Adam875 says:

    You know, you can get iTunes without a Mac now. (Not that I would suggest anyone actually do that!)

  9. epicurist says:

    Great video, hope you don’t mind my pirating the idea for my site.


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