August 15, 2004

N.B.: Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for the Blogalike Contest. I’ll post them later this week so you can vote.

Can we talk about Governor James McGreevey?

More specifically, can we talk about how anybody ever thought he was straight?

I mean, come on, look at his nails.

But seriously, wouldn’t you have sex with him?

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10 Responses to N.B.: Thanks to everyone who

  1. tigertugger says:

    Not even for a cushy job and a $5 million bonus! 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    I’d do him, regardless…A cushy job and spending money are great perks, though.

  3. ecuse says:

    That’s a hell yeah from the straight female contingent

  4. Kris says:

    I think I’m more or less the best person to judge Mr. Governor’s sex appeal; I’m into older men. I’d say he is okay. I’d have sex with him.

  5. andy butler says:

    Of course. He’s a hot daddy.

  6. T.H. says:

    I always thought he was a smidge hot. Judging by that photo alone, I’m willing to guess that he’s probably an above-average fellator (fellater?).

  7. Wayne says:

    I’d do him without a paper bag over his head.

    He’s handsome yummy looking for his age.

  8. Jay says:

    He’s 47 years old? I really have to relook the Daddy market! Since when did guys that age start looking like that? Two thumbs up for the (ex) Governor.

  9. sam says:

    I always thought he had cock-sucking lips.

  10. QT says:

    Well, that Cipel guy isn’t so bad looking either. See:

    I can’t believe he said “I’m not gay.” Come on now. He might as well ‘fess up.


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