July 12, 2004

Oh, by the way, did I mention that my doctor boyfriend is also a painter?

For my birthday in January, he gave me a coupon redeemable for one painting. I asked him to paint a portrait of my dog, and this is what he came up with. You don’t quite get the full effect seeing it online, as the actual portrait is two and a half feet by three and a half feet–her nose is bigger than my fist–but this gives at least a sense of the thing. (You can click on the picture to see a larger, slightly nicer version.)

Not that I’m bursting with pride or anything.

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10 Responses to Oh, by the way, did

  1. bond girl says:

    Wow. If you ever leave him, you are a moron. But I think you know that. πŸ˜‰

  2. Patrick (the other one) says:

    Brains, compassion and creativity – what a catch…

    And may I say that A. is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen…

    I think you have a couple of reasons to swell your chest

  3. Jess says:

    Very nice!

  4. QT says:

    Very cute, Faustus. You definitely have a catch here. However, don’t ever forget that you’re quite the catch yourself (I’d kill for a man who would knit me stuff).

  5. Jeff says:

    A doctor, a painter — didn’t you say he can cook, too?

    I am officially jealous.

  6. lou lou says:

    its a beautiful picture, so clear

  7. John says:

    that’s pretty.

    i’m sick with jealousy

  8. Evil Robot says:

    i don’t like it. it makes me want to pet it. but you can’t pet paintings. at least, that’s what i’m told. … the real question is: how does your dog like it?

  9. aw, reminds me of my dog so much that i could cry! πŸ™‚

  10. Wayne says:

    OMG, what an amazing Painting!!


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