June 26, 2004

Yesterday I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 and learned what I already knew, that our country is ruled by liars and recidivists oh wait to be a recidivist you have to have stopped committing crimes at some point, and then I went over to E.S.’s place and watched NOW With Bill Moyers and learned about how Alan Greenspan is quite literally mortgaging our country’s future and then I read the New York Times and learned that although the FCC won’t tell anybody what words they’re not allowed to say evidently “go fuck yourself” is totally fine so long as it’s the vice president who says it to a senator who criticizes his blatant cronyism and so long as he feels better afterwards and then I wondered what I or any of us could possibly do about any of this, other than going out and getting a gun and shooting all the Republicans we know whoops I don’t know any Republicans, since Antonin Scalia disenfranchised everybody in America or at least everybody in America that Katherine Harris hadn’t already disenfranchised and I just thank God we live in the greatest democracy in the world; otherwise I might be worried.

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8 Responses to Yesterday I went to see

  1. Cisoux says:

    Every time I hear someone say something to the effect of “Americans are stupid, crazy and belligerent”, I remember you and I am compelled to disagree. I await the day when you, or someone like you, rule the world’s most powerful nation.

  2. David says:

    His boyfriend won’t allow him to rule anything since he’s so punitive and vengeful.

  3. David, I think my boyfriend may have changed his mind after I punished him and took vengeance. So we’re all set to rule the world. Cisoux, you shouldn’t have to wait long.

  4. matt says:

    Define “long”.

    Much as I’d like to see the country governed by you (other considerations aside, presidential speeches would be so much better in song), I’m not holding my breath. Does that make me a pessimist?

  5. Matt, I am resisting the urge to define “long” as “ten or more inches.” I don’t think you’re a pessimist. Just deluded.

  6. this girl says:

    i nearly died reading about how you started knitting while watching the movie “unfaithful.” do you carry your knitting projects everywhere you go? i’d like to link you, if you don’t mind. =) cheers!

  7. Jeff says:

    A headline on CNN.com today: “Bush: ‘Iraqi people have their country back.”

    My thought: “Great. Now when do we get ours back?”

  8. Joe says:

    You have to have some respect for a country where a man can make a movie like “Farenheit 9/11” and not “disppear” overnight.


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