June 5, 2004

In therapy yesterday, I was talking about various worries and anxieties we’d discussed a couple weeks ago, and how I was feeling better about some of them, or at least somewhat less tortured. My therapist said, “It sounds like you’re working through these issues very well.”

I said, “It’s not so much that I’m working through them. It’s more that I’m on a path, and whatever’s on the path is there, and I’ll just keep walking it.”

“You sound dangerously close to enlightenment,” he said.

“Have no fear,” I answered.

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4 Responses to In therapy yesterday, I was

  1. JustAgirl says:

    Good one!

  2. David says:

    Our horoscope says that we will both be shedding long-held burdens and insecurities. Yay!

  3. zenchick says:

    as a shrink…and a meditator, I can tell you that
    1. what you described, this path walking, IS akin to “working through”. Different language.
    2. when you’re enlightened…you won’t know it. that would be attachment 🙂

  4. Lux says:

    I thought enlightenment was achieved by eliminating attachment… but I’m just an amateur buddhist. 🙂


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