April 11, 2004

Yesterday, E.S. insisted that we have a day with no agenda. That meant no checking e-mails, turning cell phones off, and not doing any planning beyond the present moment.

It was horrible.

I mean, it was wonderful, of course, to be so carefree. (When I say “so carefree,” you must understand this in context; my carefree is another person’s locked up in unbreakable chains so tight as to induce temporary if not lasting paralysis.) But to be sitting in Ben and Jerry’s eating peanut butter cup ice cream (why, oh, why have they done away with chocolate peanut butter truffle?) trying with all my might to be relaxed and yet feeling the twin dread of Things I Ought to Be Doing and Bad Choices I Have Made hanging over me like modern-day Swords of Damocles–well, in the end it got a little tiring.

We ended up going to see Taking Lives, and I must say it was a welcome antidote. I mean, no matter how bad I feel, it’s unlikely I’m going to end up as a serial killer or his victim.

Though if I were a serial killer I’d probably be a lot more relaxed than I am.

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4 Responses to Yesterday, E.S. insisted that we

  1. Adrienne says:

    For some reason I had a vision in my head of Christian Slater getting Mary Stuart Masterson to go deliver flowers with him in Bed of Roses. It’s ok to breathe a little, Faustus. Don’t worry, I know telling you that doesn’t mean a thing. As the story goes, though, “Every now and then everybody is entitled to too much perfection.” Oh, and have you tried Ben and Jerry’s new low carb ice cream? Not bad….

  2. hot toddy says:

    When trying to relax, I suggest staying away from Ben & Jerry’s sugar highs!

    You are NOT high strung, honey. You are just a “go getter”

  3. shahjay says:

    I believe you are the first person to put “peanut butter cup” and “Swords of Damocles” in the same sentence. Hee, unwind honey and get some needles poked in your body …

    … acupuncture, I mean.

  4. Ayse says:

    I think they did away with CPBT to make me stop going there altogether, especially now that they only sell pints (not scoops) of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

    The peanut butter cup flavour is no replacement. It is barely passable as a substitute if other people insist on going to B&J’s when you’re out for the evening. Fortunately (and this is no help to you on the other side of the country), I’ve discovered a chocolate peanut butter ice cream at a local ice cream place that approaches the perfection of CPBT. And they refer to it as a “signature” flavour, so I can reasonably expect it to be there when I go back.


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