March 10, 2004

This is David. I am still here. Actually, I am not still here, but I am here enough.

Today, I got into a conversation with a man who was concerned about the widespread problem of hooligans stealing metal objects from public places and selling them for scrap. Trash bins, owl roosts, street signs: nothing is safe. Also, someone in his dorm stole a headstone from a graveyard once.

I sat there and made clucking noises he may have interpreted as disgust that people would do such things, but I was really thinking about going to pick up my new eyeglasses, which I promptly did.

Hey, everyone, I got new eyeglasses!

I hope no one steals them and sells them for scrap.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Congrats on the new glasses 🙂 Tell them that I say HI~


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