March 5, 2004

It is still I, David, proprietor of Upside-down Hippopotamus. The Upside-down Hippopotamus that is currently squatting over The Search for Love in Manhattan. I am not sure one can squat while one is upside-down, but the hippopotamus part provides for delectable imagery. Faustus is still off doing whatever it is he does, and although I cannot hope to fill but one of his shoes (and perhaps a mitten), I shall labor to keep his place alive and kicking.

And perhaps I will even turn it over to him when he comes back.

Yesterday, I wrote about a new computer game I have bought: Lux. Though an avalanche of work hangs over my head like the Sword of Damocles (put those metaphors in a blender and hit puree!), I have devoted a significant amount of time over the past two days to playing with people over the Internet.

The problem is that I suck at it, or at least, I am on an extended learning curve. But I am getting better, and it is actually teaching me a lot about my real life. In Lux (which is almost identical to Risk, if you are familiar with that war game), the results of one

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