March 11, 2004

It is I, Faustus. I have “finished” the show I was writing that opens in three weeks. (“Finished” is in quotes because it’s a lie.) However, I couldn’t let David solidify his position in my empire any further, so I figured it was time to come back.

Last night, for reasons passing understanding, my Tivo failed to record Angel. After troubling deaf heaven with my bootless cries (though if heaven is deaf, I suppose it doesn’t really matter whether one’s cries are bootful or not), I sat on the couch, defeated, watching Law & Order with my brother’s girlfriend L.G. During a commercial break we had the following conversation.

FAUSTUS: [Sigh.]
L.G.: Are you coming down from your rage?
FAUSTUS: It’s more like sinking into a pit of despair.


L.G.: That’s probably an improvement.

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9 Responses to It is I, Faustus. I

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m glad you’re back! I took the time to catch up on your archives – I love your page! Very funny, and always grammatically correct. Nice touch.

  2. mcm says:

    take heart! there was no new angel last night, according to (if you’ll remember, last week’s had no previews, so i’m willing to believe the buffyguide).

  3. The coup has been put down?

  4. Adam875 says:

    It was a rerun. Fear not. If you have your TiVo set to not record reruns, then it actually did the right thing.

    Did you see the puppet episode?

  5. jon collins says:

    so when’s this show opening? is the public admitted?

  6. campbell says:

    A rerun? So Faustus wasted a perfectly good sulk on a wortheless cause. Annoying, no?

  7. Deidre says:

    I’m just glad to see you back! 🙂

  8. matt says:

    Welcome back, Faustus. Not that we haven’t been enjoying David’s stint in loco parentisau contraire, mon frère(That’s enough familial foreigness – Ed.) — but let’s face it, you’re the star of this particular show.

    And speaking of shows, get back to work on yours. It’s going to be grand. I’m expecting an invitation to its London opening night 🙂

  9. BethAnn says:

    I feel your pain my friend. I have missed an episode or two in the past and been at my wits end. I did, however, discover this site which helped alleviate some of my frustration:

    It gives a full episode description with dialogue and screen captures for episodes to date.


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