February 11, 2004

Tomorrow I will blog about my meeting with Mr. Prince.

Tonight I will be performing at Worst. Sex. Ever., curated by this lovely woman, and you should come if you possibly can.

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7 Responses to Tomorrow I will blog about

  1. matt says:

    Break a leg. (And remember: to be is to be perceived. If you don’t post the song to your blog, you never sang it 🙂

    And do tomorrow’s post early, lest the suspense kill us all. You wouldn’t want to be known as a mass murderer, would you?

  2. hot toddy says:

    I hope the show is so successful that a tour to the Pacific Northwest is planned.

  3. Evil Robot says:

    Yippie! And right in my hood. I hope that I get in tonight … the event has been getting quite a lot of publicity. I have only the highest of expectations…

    And if you AREN’T good, bloggers everywhere will write about how much you suck (not how well you suck) … so you better be good …

    The pressure is on.

  4. Kathryn says:

    My blog wants to date your blog. Which is typical, because your blog is Gay and therefore uninterested. My blog is such a hussy. (I think Valentine’s Day is getting to her. Poor thing.)

  5. i. bendito says:

    So very close. Fourth in row when it sold out.
    Next time please – bigger space or smaller publicity.


  6. Matt, I actually would want to be known as a mass murderer–it would lend my reputation a certain éclat that it has hitherto lacked. Hot Toddy, it’s probably unlikely that this particular show will come to the Pacific Northwest, but with any luck, a show or shows of mine will end up there eventually. Evil Robot, I hope both that you got in and that you enjoyed it. Kathryn, if only your blog had known my blog in ninth grade, before it knew it was gay, they could have gone steady. I. Bendito, I’m sorry you missed the show–I hope you found another fun way to spend your evening.

  7. Dr.P says:

    It must be interesting when people ask you, “What are you doing tonight?” and you reply with “Im going for the Worst Sex Ever. Care to join?”


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