December 3, 2003

Not too long ago I went to the bookstore, fiercely determined to get control over my tendency to slobbishness and disorganization, and bought a book called How Not to Be a Messie. It contained lots of good advice about getting rid of clutter once and for all, and I started reading it in preparation for the day I’d be able to start implementing it.

Now of course I can’t find it.

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  1. cfsph says:

    Good riddance. It’s probably a beehive of lies, telling you you are in control of your life, and how to nag yourself without even trying (like we don’t nag ourselves enough? sorry, I have issues here).
    But in the spirit of the book, I’ll smugly offer this bit of advice: The next time you are fiercely determined to clean up the apartment, don’t head to the bookstore, clean the fucking apartment!

    p.s. I love it when you are fierce.

  2. cfsph says:

    Hypocrite that I am, I saw the rave reviews from self-proclaimed neatness-challenged basketcases and it sparked a hope inside me, so I was about to order when I saw five other variations on the theme of not being a messie, all authored by Sandra Felton. And this person is supposed to tell me how to simplify and organize my life?

  3. matt says:

    Reminds me of this line from Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith:

    “My apartment is equipped with a Search function: you have a little unit into which you type what you’re looking for, and it electronically searches the place and tells you where it is. Unfortunately I’ve lost the unit, so I’m pretty well fucked.”

    Well, it made me laugh at the time. You probably had to be there.

  4. Lauren says:

    There’s always the CLA. No book to lose. Just your mind. And your dignity. And…and…yes. Right.

  5. Deidre says:

    Your link also has listing for “I want to be the Kitty.” If that isn’t the best title I’ve heard in a while!

  6. feather boa says:

    messie? it’s so clearly spelt with a y: messy.
    maybe that’s an english thing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s in your bed.

    Alternatively, it’s between your bed and the window.

  8. Jalal says:

    Messie and Messy seem to be very different. One describes a person and the other describes a situation. I think.

  9. Anja says:

    Now you can buy the sequel book, called “How to find the previous book in your messie apartment”


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