October 29, 2003

Well, I started knitting the gloves I posted about two days ago. I figured the best thing to do would be to knit them for hands slightly larger than mine in diameter, so that at least I could start knitting right away, and then do the turkey thing next time I saw him.

But, looking at how the work is coming, I’m confident that the gloves I’m knitting will fit him extraordinarily well.

If he happens to have become a sasquatch by the time I give them to him.

Really, it’s just too tragic. The glove is so damn big you could fit a family of four inside it. I’m going tomorrow to buy smaller needles.

I will triumph in this endeavor, or die trying.

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11 Responses to Well, I started knitting the

  1. tim says:

    Why do you take on such difficult tasks. Just get him some flowers and be done with it.

  2. Candice says:

    ehehheh or maybe jus buy the right size gloves….

  3. To a mystery person: thank you for your alarming but helpful comment. As you can see, I have taken steps to rectify the situation. I hope you’ll forgive my removing all traces of evidence.

  4. Jalal says:

    So you will end up as the grandFATHER that knits all the time ?

  5. Jalal says:

    I am sorry. I hate my grammar.

  6. to me, for a person to knit me gloves would be a very personal gift. flowers are so standard nowadays. everyone is just in the habit of buy buy buy, instead of using one’s creativity to make personal greeting cards or in this case, gloves.

    i would highly appreciate this sort of gift. how likely would i wear it? it depends on the colour. i commend you, but don’t you think scarves are easier?

  7. Stairs says:

    Agreed; incidentally, not even plastic needles are tolerated onboard aeroplanes now, especially if you’re a bloke; I found out the hard way, but they did give me time enough to thread the stitches onto some string – so leave them at home; have a safe journey.

  8. Nick says:

    Just find a guy with hands big enough for your gloves. It’ll be worth the effort. After all, you know what big hands means . . .

  9. Convivia says:

    Scarves are easier. Also, it is very difficult to find good scarves in stores at the moment–the perfect thing to have would be a chunky-knit scarf, about 6 inches wide and 120 inches long, in that nubby cotton dyed to mimick Donegal tweed. But can one obtain such an item? No!

    You, on the other hand, could easily knit such an item. And it would be infinitely styleful.

  10. Nick says:

    Ok, slap me and strike the ‘s’ off “mean.”

  11. Wayne says:

    Oh Oh, you know what you can make?! Finger Puppets!!! I saw a guy, selling those knitted Finger Puppets.. they are so cute!! And they can fit on any fingers… or any other body parts, like the toes… and the….

    …. Uh, never mind.


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