October 7, 2003

To go with the new couch Herr Doktor (who has been excitedly guest blogging for Faustus) cleaned a closet today, and into the night.

This was the closet with the interesting stuff. The photo trunk. The scrap-book trunk. Presents bought but never given.

Evidence of lives long gone. My lives. The lives of friends and family. Papers from birthdays and papers with obituaries.

Circus capes, revolutionary war jackets, ceremonial swords, saxophones, trumpets, judo gis, dry suits, bells, a big box of audio cassettes, extra wine glasses, drums, ribbons, bows and wrapping paper.

Here’s to the ghosts!

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2 Responses to To go with the new

  1. Wayne says:

    Ceremonial Swords?!?!?!? I mean, SWORDS!! Were you in the marines? Or… you bought those from eBay?!

    Hmrmm Judo Gis… Judo Judo….

    I never had the guts to clean up my closet…. Not that the memories from the past will bring me to tears… But the spiders totally freaked me out. (Yep. There’s a spidy lair in my closet)

  2. mysterious self says:

    No, not ebay or the marines. Perhaps a secret Psychiatric Ninja cult? Hai EEEEEEEEE!


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