September 7, 2003

Thursday I went on a date with somebody I met through Planet Out. We were having dinner and talking about Star Wars. He said, “I was ten when I first saw that movie, and the first time Darth Vader came on screen, I thought, ‘Now there’s somebody I could really like a lot.'”

It became clear to me in that instant that we were meant to be together.

So I was very excited to go out with him again last night. We had dinner again, went book shopping, went book shopping at another place, and went back to his apartment, where we made out.

And there was no spark at all.

This guy is cute, smart, funny, stimulating, compassionate, and, one assumes, given that he responded to me after reading my profile, a top. And yet there was just nothing there.

Clearly I am going about this the wrong way.

Now, if somebody would just tell me what the right way is, I’d be all set.

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3 Responses to Thursday I went on a

  1. Alex Elliott says:

    Gosh, I guess I’m not too old for you since I saw the original Star Wars when I was nine.

    Of course, I use words like “gosh”, so that just makes me seem older.

  2. Wayne says:


  3. love drug says:

    there’s a new book out designed for women and dating online. the author was on one of the morning shows pushing. it might be worth a read….and when have gay men not appreciated things meant for women? alright then.


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