August 24, 2003

Today is an administrative issues day.

1. I’m always honored when somebody links to me, and I try to keep track and return the favor, but sometimes I get confused (by “sometimes” I mean “every day”) and forget. So if you’ve linked to me and don’t see your blog in my sidebar, e-mail me and I’ll rectify the situation posthaste.

2. I’m planning a new sidebar with a collection of “the Best of the Search for Love in Manhattan” posts. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or have plunged into the archives, and have a favorite post or posts, e-mail me and let me know.

3. If you pledged to sponsor me in the Blogathon and have not yet heard from the Blogathon people about how to make your donation, please e-mail me and let me know. I’ll send you the necessary information. The Blogathon people remain curiously silent on this issue.

As far as the promised free sex, you’ll have to wait until my lower back is no longer in agony from cheering at Jersey Pride yesterday. But then, I swear, I’m all yours.

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5 Responses to Today is an administrative issues

  1. Ed says:

    What better day than a Monday for administrative issues… Beep!

  2. PatCH says:

    What if I’ve already linked to you and you to me, don’t have a favourite post from your archive of postings, have pledged for the Blogathon and already sent in the money, and still haven’t gotten the free sex? What, pray tell, do I do then?

    Am I still allowed to e-mail you?

  3. sam says:

    Jersey Pride? That’s allowed?

  4. Tin Man says:

    Hey! No fair. 🙂

    (not that I disagree, which is why I’m moving)

  5. Wayne says:

    I… I forgot how much I pledged… It has been.. too long….


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