August 15, 2003

After a three and a half hour walk from Manhattan to Queens, an hour-long drive from my boyfriend’s apartment in Astoria to Flushing to drop off my coworker who made the trek with me, another half-hour drive to my apartment in Jackson Heights, followed by a one-hour drive to my boyfriend’s family’s house in Yorktown, your faithful guest blogger T.H. has returned for my final day here at Search for Love.

On the very dark drive up through the Bronx and Westchester last night, my boyfriend and I were discussing the pros and cons of the power outage.

“The only regret I have about this whole situation,” I dwelled, “is that we won’t be able to conceive a child and tell them the romantic story of how they were created during the Blackout of 2003.”

“Well, that’s true,” he replied. “But we can kidnap one in the dark when its mother isn’t looking and just run with that concept when it’s old enough to understand.”

We’re so crafty. Rest assured, however, that no children were stolen last night. At least, not by us.

At any rate, I have greatly enjoyed my time here guest blogging for Faustus, and I invite all of you to visit me at ‘Til the Cows Come Home. And maybe one day, you’ll find out just what those questions were…

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3 Responses to After a three and a

  1. Akasha says:

    Haha, you guys are evil.

    I’m glad to hear you survived unscathed and enjoyed your substitute bloggeration!

  2. Velma Biggers says:

    Oh sweet jayzus, now I’m forced to kick someone off my favorite blog list to make room for “till the cows come home”.

  3. Blush says:

    No need to kidnap. I can help you fellas out…


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