July 28, 2003

Positive response
To the gay dating haiku:
The pressure’s awful—

Pressure to go on
In a similar format—

Oh, crap, a man can only do so much.

I seem somehow to have survived the Blogathon. If you’re impressed enough by the haiku to want to make a pledge, and haven’t done so already, you can still sign up here until 9:00 a.m. EST tomorrow morning.

By which point I may have recovered enough from the weekend to have something to say again.

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4 Responses to Positive response To the gay

  1. sam says:

    Any man that can mention “on my back” within the first few minutes of meeting has my vote, er, support.

  2. shahjay says:

    Nicely thought of haikus (and sassily funny), saw these first and read ALL your previous entries, reread the haikus and laughed again!

  3. jason says:

    veni, vidi, donati (hmm… maybe?).

  4. Wayne says:

    Faustus – uh, I have not gotten any emails from blogathon… How am I suppose to send the donation? :-X


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