July 30, 2003

N.B.: This is, unexpectedly, today’s second post.

He e-mailed me.

Poison it is.

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14 Responses to N.B.: This is, unexpectedly, today's

  1. brenda says:

    he sucks…and not in a good way i am sure…

  2. Bastard….he’s not worthy of you…

  3. BethAnn says:


    You deserve better Faustus.

  4. Wayne says:

    Okay, let’s go. Let’s go kick his ass and totally tie him up against the pole, and then whip him with a Gucci leather belt, beat him to submission, and bitch slap him with Parada and Manola Blahniks stilettos…

    Faustus, forget about the damn bastard. Let’s go stalk Kyan from Queer Eye.

    Better man suits better Faustus anyway.


  5. Thom says:

    I suspected you’d find a way out of the free sex offered me, but I didn’t think you’d be willing to take poison to do so. Leave a little in the bottle, hear?

  6. jen says:

    what? no!
    what a jackass. he has no clue. from what i can gather, you’re fabulous!

  7. shahjay says:

    He’s blind, and probably on the way to straightdo(o)m….

  8. Anonymous says:

    how did he get your email address? Was it through this site? Coz that may have been a bit of a turn off…

  9. Akasha says:

    Awww.. poo. He doesn’t know what he’s missing!

  10. jalal says:

    there is one thing you can do if you really want him. you can go under his window and sing. you will be a fool. but a fool in love all the same. if that doesnt work. tell me. ill send some bearded al qaeda types to rip his gay guts out. 😉

  11. Julie says:

    Details please! And Hurry!

  12. jalal says:

    doesnt seem like that comment scared you as much as it should have. but just to clarify. it was a joke.

  13. Dan says:

    I would still do u, if the aerobic guy wont.

  14. Kevin says:

    What a coward! He emailed you? No return phone call? At least you got an email though. That same sassy aerobics Instructor never even responded to my email after chatting with me at a party. He’s got issues.


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