July 20, 2003

I am at a writers’ retreat in a small town in Delaware. Since arriving here on Friday evening, I have done nothing but eat ice cream and, presumably, get fat. I say “presumably” because my hosts, a lesbian couple in their sixties, have no scale in their house, so I have no way of knowing. Luckily, the ice cream is good enough that I don’t mind.

But I suspect most of upper Manhattan will be able to hear my screams of despair once I step on my own scale when I return tomorrow night.

And thank you to everybody who has been sponsoring me in the blogathon. Keep it coming. I have a lot of free sex to deliver, but I have faith that I’ll be up to the challenge.

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5 Responses to I am at a writers'

  1. Wayne says:

    Yay~ Lots of Free Sex~~

  2. aool says:

    faustus, if i dont sponsor, and i dont read the posts, and i am not in america, and i misspell things, and i am not cute and i am not funny will you still have sex with me under the lots of free sex program ?

  3. danee says:

    this has nothing to do with your post, but is “insultory” a word (e.g. “I don’t appreciate your insultory remarks”) and if so, is that the correct spelling?

  4. well i figure my donation got me at least 90 seconds with him….

  5. aool, yes. danee, a word is a word if people use it; I don’t suspect you’ll find “insultory” in the dictionary—I myself would use “insulting” in this context—but Shakespeare made up half the words he used, and they’re part of our language now, so you go right ahead. Brian, there’s no way I’ll be satisfied with only 90 seconds.


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