July 16, 2003

After yesterday’s cheerfiasco, I spent much of today trying to decide whether to swallow arsenic in the manner of Madame Bovary or to become a recluse and devote myself to a life of service to the deserving poor.

Then I remembered how messy and unpleasant Madame Bovary’s death was, and that made my choice much easier.

Then I remembered how messy and unpleasant lives of service to the deserving poor tend to be, so I figured, what the hell, I’ll just do the blogathon instead.

The general idea here is that participating bloggers post every half hour for 24 hours, in return for donations from sponsors to the charities of the bloggers’ choice.

This means that, starting at 9:00 a.m. next Saturday, July 26, I will blog every half hour for 24 hours. No cheating. No entries set to post automatically. In return, I want you to pledge money to the Generator Theatre, which is a writers’ collaborative theater some friends of mine and I are forming to foster the creation, development, and production of exciting and meaningful musical theater. You can read more about Generator here.

What I need from you, aside from continual assurances of your love, is money. Go here to figure out how to sponsor me. In return, you get not only the pleasure of reading my insomnious ramblings but also the joy of knowing you have helped a worthy cause.

Also if you’re a cute boy you get free sex.

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8 Responses to After yesterday's cheerfiasco, I spent

  1. Chris says:

    Aw, man! That’s the same day as my party!

    You know, if you come to it I’ll let you post from my computer every half hour.

  2. Dan says:

    wow, he doesn´t only know Brahms. Now he comes up with Flaubert? You can´t be an American, J.!?
    What is that about the free sex part ?

  3. Wayne says:

    Every 30 minutes in 24 hours. So, you are not going to sleep at all?

    Hrm, also… I don’t see the logic of:

    Give you Money = Free Sex

    If there’s money involved, wouldn’t it be prositiutation? (and yet, doing a good deed)

    Wow, I need to sign up fr the blogathon then. What Deal!

  4. Sadly I’m not a boy….I’m a man…all man….

  5. Crash says:

    Actually, Brian is a tube of sponge cake with a creamy filling.

    Oh, wait. That’s a twinkie.

    I don’t know what the hell Brian is.

  6. aool says:

    firstly, i sit mortified as i read a misspelt prostitution on this comments page. secondly, if i am not cute, but i want to pay, and i also want sex, and i am all the way over here in karachi, do i still get that sex ?

  7. Chris, I’m working on it. Dan, I am indeed American, but I had something resembling a halfway decent education. Wayne, I see your point about the logical flaw, but I think it could be cleared up by pointing out that, since I don’t get a penny of the money that’s pledged, for me the sex is in fact free. Brian, you’re already on my list of people to sleep with, so there’s no need for you to fret. And aool, yes.

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