June 30, 2003

The amount of cheersex I had yesterday with onlookers while I marched down Fifth Avenue with the cheerleaders in the gay pride parade would have left me completely drained and exhausted if the 457,283 one-handed cartwheels I did—it’s the only trick I can do (so to speak) with a cast on my left hand, so I used it to maximum effect—hadn’t already done so.

My favorite was the cute guy who beckoned me over and said, “Can I have a kiss for Pride?”

The answer was an emphatic yes.

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6 Responses to The amount of cheersex I

  1. Jonny says:


  2. Wayne says:


  3. I got my pride kiss from Faustus…was hoping for more tongue but oh well

  4. Convivia says:

    You’re a cheerleader! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  5. Dan says:

    When you guys passed by on 5th, I was like, which one is Faustus? But I still got no clue 🙁
    A devoted reader

  6. Dan, ich war der Hübsche.


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