June 16, 2003

I was all set to write a post about how I feel like a terrible homosexual because I ended up seeing neither Finding Nemo nor Broadway Bares, but it was swept from my mind by the uncanny resemblence of the x-ray technician at St. Vincent’s to Aughra from The Dark Crystal. I was terrified she was going to remove an eye, shove it in my face, and say portentously, “There is much to be learned, and you have no time!” (It’s the fifth .wav file down.)

Lucky for me, both of her eyes stayed where they were. Now I have a sexy cast (instead of a splint) and some codeine, which I am about to take.

I’ve never taken codeine before and I can’t wait.

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7 Responses to I was all set to

  1. Adam807 says:

    I’d say that codeine’s nothing to get excited about, but you’re such a lightweight it just might do it for you. 🙂

  2. sam says:

    Just don’t go thinking you can fly. Oh wait, that’s angel dust.

  3. Daniel says:

    I used to ride the bus witha girl that looked like Aughra. She was short with an upturned nose, and even had the raspy voice that would spike high to low when she bitched. Muppets, BAH! They just had ugly people.

  4. Matt says:

    Aggggggggggh (drool) coedine

    Seriously, though, it’ll do in a pinch…;)

  5. Wayne says:

    IT’s gonna knock you out! knock you out! knock you out!!

  6. gerald says:

    wow…i’m a terrible homosexual and i never realized…thank you for opening my eyes and like the good boy i am, i shall rush quickly off to the theatres and fulfull my queer club obligations. GO GAY!!

    ps…enjoy the codeiene

  7. Is this ultra-strength codeine? (It’s a “cousin” of heroin, isn’t it?)

    If not, then it’s just a pain killer. And that’s it – nothing to write home about. Sorry!

    (Well, that’s what the over-the-counter stuff here in the UK is, anyway.)


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