May 9, 2003

N.B.: This is today’s second post. I can stop any time, really, I can.

This afternoon I took my dog A. to the vet. Dr. L. gave her an almost completely clean bill of health. She is perfect in every way, said Dr. L., except that she needs to lose about a pound.

My dog is fat.

The good news is that this means I have a companion in my increasingly neurotic relationship with food and diet.

The bad news is that she doesn’t speak, so endless obsessive conversations about carbohydrates and calories and exercising in the morning vs. at night—which are of course the greatest joy of an increasingly neurotic relationship with food and diet—will be few and far between.

I wonder if she would do well on Atkins.

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6 Responses to N.B.: This is today's second

  1. atkins is bad for people. atkins may lower your weight, but it decreases energy, increases cancer risk, increases heart disease risk, increases calcium deficiencies, and is basically an all around bad idea. atkins was a moron.

    but it’s probably good for dogs.

    not that i’m opinionated or anything.

  2. by the way, dig the blog.

  3. groc says:

    more walkies for the both of you may be the answer

  4. jadedju says:

    Back in my oh-so-halcyon youth, we loved us some Dr. Atkins for the unlimited amounts of pork rinds we could eat. After getting over the sound of them, and the fact that they weren’t exactly kosher, they turned out to be addictive. And not in a good way. When I die I’d like my tombstone to read, “It was the porkrinds that killed her.”

  5. tim says:

    oh, bring her to my step class.

  6. Buni says:

    Atkins will give your dog bad breath – and you don’t want that do you?


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