May 20, 2003

N.B.: This is my second post of two today.

Yesterday I started work on the closing number for the musical I’m writing about the concentration camp Terezin. My brilliant lyricist gave me a lyric that contained lines like:

And if the sun should blacken,
That would seem like justice.


In all the idiotic beauty of the world,
How do I find a way to live?

So after spending all day writing music that had to express definitively the meaning of the Holocaust, I went to cheerleading practice and jumped up and down and shouted “Here we go! Cheer loud! Cheer proud! The leader of the crowd!”

Sometimes I kind of love my life.

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4 Responses to N.B.: This is my second

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or has SFLIM gone through a redecoration process?

  2. Liberation says:

    I wanted to add some lyrics from my musical adaptation of The Diary Of Anne Frank:

    Don’t cry for me Adolf Hitler
    The truth is you never spooked me
    All through my hiding days
    My meek existence
    I kept my chin up
    Prayed for resistance

  3. teeny says:

    I really need to know what you think of this:

  4. Teeny, I am horrified beyond words.

    That’s what I think.


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