May 3, 2003

I started a post about how I’m in love with the guy who teaches my step aerobics class on Fridays at 6:00, but I am so exhausted—for no good reason—that I just couldn’t make it work. So I’ll just confine myself to noting that, if I had any doubt at all that I had reached gay middle age when I turned 30 this January, the fact that I started moisturizing this week has removed it from my brain.

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3 Responses to I started a post about

  1. tim says:

    UHHH, excuse me but I thought I was the instructor you were in love with? I am so disappointed and depressed.

    Just remember to use a good mosturizer with good emoliance.

  2. Farid says:

    you’ll know it for sure when that first gray hair makes its debut….ouch

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do tell which moisturizer you’re using for the rest of the over-30 crowd.


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