May 22, 2003

I sent him the following e-mail last night:

“I had a really nice time hanging out with you earlier. I don’t know if you have a policy against dating people in your classes. If you do, I understand—but if you don’t, can I ask you out to dinner some time this weekend or next week?

“I’ll see you in class on Friday in either case.”

This both expresses my intentions clearly and gives him an easy out that allows us both to save face if, in fact, I was the only one swooning during the hour and a half we spent together yesterday.

I have yet to hear back from him. I am developing a sneaking suspicion that he is not an obsessive e-mail checker, which is not a good sign.

Because then he might actually be a healthy and well-adjusted person, and where would I be then?

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3 Responses to I sent him the following

  1. matteo says:

    well, if he’s not an obsessive emailer, you can always wear shirts to class that say “i love you” and “bear my children” and “it’s my birthday and all i want is an aerobics instructor to rim me!” i think he’d get the point then.

  2. sam says:

    I think that sounds like a well-adjusted sort of email to send…

  3. jeffrey says:

    people just need to check their email constantly.
    end of story.

    it would make the “did he check, did he respond, did his computer blow up, is he on dial up” period so much better. then you know when they are avoiding you because you have a hairy neck. damnit.


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