May 25, 2003

I broke down and called him Saturday morning. He explained that he hadn’t read the e-mail until the night before.

“I don’t have a policy against dating people in my class,” he said, “and I’m flattered, but I do have a policy against dating people when I’m already dating somebody.”

I immediately burst into flames of self-loathing and despair.

“Oh,” I said, and then realized that my voice had all the warmth and personality of someone just arisen from the tomb. I cleared my throat and tried again.

“OH!,” I shrieked. “HE’S A LUCKY GUY!”

Now I have to figure out which of the following is true:

a) he’s telling the truth, in which case I have to keep going to his step class forever in the hope that they break up;
b) he’s lying in order to spare my feelings, and the real truth is that he would sooner rip out all his fingernails one by one than go out with me, in which case I can never go to his step class again because it would be humiliating; or
c) he’s telling the truth, but even if he were single he would still sooner rip out all his fingernails one by one than go out with me, in which case I have no idea what to do.




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14 Responses to I broke down and called

  1. D.R. says:

    Oh, honey… I wish there were a magic potion that would make you feel better. Of course, there IS a magic potion that will turn him into a toad. That fool!

  2. jadedju says:

    Keep going to step class! You’ve got to give him a chance to realize the error of his ways.

  3. Todd says:

    Or maybe he just believes in monogamy? I know it’s very out of fashion these days and a little harder to believe in than Santa, but it might be true.

  4. If I punished myself for every guy who was already taken, let alone every guy who wasn’t interested, I wouldn’t ever have stayed in a class, or kept a job, or gone back to a bar. You’ll get over it, and then the class will still be there.

  5. matteo says:

    remember, there are other step instructors in other gyms in other cities in other countries. there is a near infinite amount of step instructors (where near infinite is any number above 10), so worry not grasshopper. persevere.

  6. pam says:

    you should be happy about that policy of his… will be reassuring to you if you do end up dating him….you’re not actually surprised that he’s “taken” are you? just act normal and go to the class for the same reasons you always did… stay in shape, right?….if it’s meant to be it will happen…

  7. jose says:

    oh don’t feel bad. things like these are bound to happen to all of us at one point or another.. you just be urself around him and show him what a great person he’s missing on.. things WILL get better! remember, think positive!

  8. nicole says:

    he’s not lying. if he wanted to lie, he’d cling to your story & say that he didn’t date people in his class. what i can read from this is that he’s dating someone else but is also leaving it a little open with you… that’s why he CLEARLY STATED he will date people from the class.

  9. bunny says:

    maybe if you stop going he’ll think that its because of him and he’ll come chase after you…

  10. bunny says:

    at least that’s what would happen in a perfect world 🙁

  11. big hugs babycakes….

  12. Akasha says:

    Bah! He doesn’t deserve you if he doesn’t see the awesome magnitude that is you. Chin up!

  13. Wayne says:

    Well, at least he didn’t say…

    “I’m actually straight. You know, straight as a needle”

    The thing is, he’s already dating someone, yet, still went out with you… That does mean something.

    I kinda sorta agree with Nicole’s comment.

    But again, do you want someone who is taken, yet still seeing other people?

    Turn him into a toad, dear.

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